How a beggar stole my phone today.

We were sitting comfortably with Doniyor in a Costa Coffee chatting. My phone rang, I fished it out of my jeans pocket, and after finishing the call, I put it on the table. After a while a beggar entered the coffee-shop. It was a short and young girl with old tatty clothes on. She didn`t seem to be from Czech Republic, and I bet she was not older than me. She slowly approached one table after the other, saying something with a super low voice. She passed our table, and after 20 seconds came back again to our table. Doniyor and I stopped talking and looked at her, trying to figure out what she wants. Her voice was so low that we couldn`t even hear her properly. Then, a big map or flyer (not sure what it was) appeared in her hands and she started showing it to me on the table. We thought she was asking for money. Don gave her a few coins. She turned around, made several steps towards the exit. I said “Wait!”. She stopped immediately, stood for a few seconds with her back to us, as though she was in a state of small shock. I was surprised (but now I understand why she was scared at that moment). She turned around, came up to us, I took a few coins out of my wallet and gave her, she went out of the coffee-shop. After 15 minutes I realized the phone was gone.

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