Trip to Deloitte

As a finalist of the Start-up contest, last month I won a voucher worth of 1000 euros for the services of Deloitte – the multinational business consultancy company. I emailed one of the Deloitte directors and set up an appointment for Thursday at 15:30 at Deloitte premises.
At 15:15 I was at the entrance to the office building, on the 6th floor of which are Deloitte offices. “Hello! Who do you have an appointment with?”, asked me a nice receptionist. “Mr Joerg Wiederhold at Deloitte”, I replied. She asked me to fill in the form and showed me the way to the elavator. As I was going up in the transparent elavator, I could see office blocks of other companies on each floor. It really felt like I was about to enter the heart of business world, like in American movies.
“Come with me!”, said a very polite lady in the lobby of the 6th floor and I followed her to a meeting room. “Mr Wiederhold will be with you in a minute. Do you want something to drink?”, she asked when we stepped in the meeting room. “A glass of water, please”, I said.
The room was smallish and pleasantly pragmatic: 6 comfortable chairs at the small round table, a cabin with stationaries at the corner of the room, and tall flower in a flower pot (with some leafs on the carpet) at the other corner of the room. The color of the walls, the table, and the cabin was the same – white.
I took a seat, set the iPad with my meeting plan in Evernote in front of my eyes, prepared a small notepad and a pen with WHU symbol on it. I was ready for the meeting with a person, who had over 20 years of experience in business consultancy.
“Hi, Abdullah! It’s good to see you”, he said with the typical german accent, when he entered the room after 4 minutes. He was a tall man with modern black round glasses, like John Lennon’s ones from the Beetles. Before even taking a seat, “Where did you get this pen?!”, he proclaimed, “You can’t have it, unless…”. He didn’t finish his sentence. “This business school is my dream”, I said pointing at the text “WHU” on the pen (WHU – #1 Business school in Germany).
It was a nice start of the meeting. And the rest of it flowed beautifully too. I didn’t have enough time to ask all of my questions, though. But I managed to ask the most important one: “can an extensive work-experience at Deloitte give me all the skills needed to run a successful business of my own?”. And the answer was a confident “Yes!”.

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