These are Czech drivers

“Stop the car on a side of the road for a minute, please.”, said my driving instructor yesterday when the car was going at the speed of 40 kilometers per hour on the third gear, “I have to make a phone call. Check the right mirror. Don’t forget to turn on the left blinker when the car is parked on a two-line way”. I stopped the car and turned on the left blinker.
10 meters away from us was a traffic sign that prohibitted parking by the road, which qualified for the distance between the sign and the first intersection after it. In other words, it was prohibitted to park within that part of the road. Yet right after that sign there was a greyish BMW parked. “Why is that car parked over there? I thought it is not allowed to do that after this sign”, I told Petr pointing at the prohibition sign, when he finished his call. I assumed I missed some other traffic sign that allowed the car to park in there. “Well… These are Czech drivers”, he said blushing, “You know, some folks in this country just don’t care about the rules”. I could see him feeling bad for his people. “It’s the same problem in Uzbkistan, where I come from”, I replied smiling. He looked tremendously relieved. Some day he should really visit Tashkent and watch the crazy Uzbek drivers. I bet he will never feel bad for the Czech after that.

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