Why would you admire a student?

The last two months I have been doing my studies only at coffeshops. It’s so peaceful and great “learning” atmosphere in there. Since I have been visiting predominantly only a couple of places, people started recognizing me in those cafés.
For instance, earlier this week as I was doing my online GMAT course with my iPad, a notepad and a pen, and a cup of tea in a coffeeshop in the downtown, Umar enters the café. He notices me and comes up to say hello with a smiling face. After some time he offers to buy me a lunch. I respectfully refuse. Yet, he insists and brings Turkish dessert Baklava onto my table.
Another day, Ribah – a worker at the café – gave me a cup of fresh banana juice for free. Another day, though, a guy, whom I barely know, put a few banknotes into my pocket regardless to my hostility, saying “For your lunch, brother”. They are all working people with families, being old enough to be my father. One of them, who seems to be freaking rich, once told me with such a happy face “I admire you when I look at you studying”. “Why would you admire a student?”, I asked. “Because I’ve never had a chance to be one”, he replied.
On one hand, I feel so good when people care about me. On the other hand, sometimes I have a feeling that they look at me like a “hungry student”, who is in sore financial need. I don’t enjoy the latter feeling of accepting a “charity”.
And if anything, I myself would be willing to help students financially if I am well off in the future.

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  1. I admire a student because it is that phase of life where a person is very eager to learn new things relevant to what he thinks he would become in the future. Most would want to work as soon as possible to be able to see how he will be able to apply the things he learned. The irony is that when he starts working, he would want to go back to being a student, you know, so he could just “study” hard and not work hard. 😅 That’s why I admire a student for me.

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