Beautiful blonde in library

She was sitting several tables away, with her back to me, in front of a computer screen. Her hair was just gorgous: long, thick, and yellow. Not a regular yellow, though – a different yellow. I don’t even know how to describe this charming color.

“Man, you have to focus,” I said to myself. “You came to the library in order to study, remember?” (Yes, I talk to myself sometimes).
I was preparing for my Math exam.

I didn’t notice how quickly 2 hours passed. Only several students were still sitting in the library, including that blonde. “We are closing the library,” the worker said hinting that we should leave the hall. Everyone went out. She was the first to leave the library. I was the second.

It was dark and snowing outside, so she put on her cap and gloves. So did I.

I thought, “How can I start the conversation?”
I sped up my pace. When I almost reached her I said, “Hey!” Music was playing in her headphones, so she didn’t hear me. “Hi!” I said again smiling in her face. She noticed me and smiled me back. It was such a relief to see her smile to me. “Hello!” she responded, taking the headphones off, with a calm and pretty low voice. She had big blue eyes.

“You have beautiful hair,” I said.
“Oh, thank you,” she laughed.
“Where are you from?” I asked.
“From Russia. And you?”
“I come from Uzbekistan.”
“Uzbekistan? You should speak Russian then?”
“Yes, I do speak Russian. But… not very well.”
“Not very well…,” she repeated. “But you speak English very well.”
“Thank you. What do you study?” I asked her as we walked along the road.
“Ehmm… I don’t really know how my faculty is called in English.”
“Say it in Czech or Russian. Perhaps I will understand.”
“Horse breeding… I see. I didn’t know we have such faculty at our University.”
“And what do you study?”
“Computer Science.”
“Wow! That must be very difficult.”
“Well, not really. So long as you have some interest inĀ IT, it’s not difficult at all.”
“And what are your plans for the future?”

I didn’t expect such personal question at that point, so I was a little bit surprised.
“Shall I tell you my detailed plan for the next 10 years?” I asked playingly.
“Well, yes. I mean, if you want.”
A quick thought flashed in my head: “What’s the point of hiding my plans?”
“Alright,” I said, “in 2 years I want to get my Bachelor degree. In 4 years I want to graduate from Master studies. The next 6 years I want to work for Business Consultancy company, like Deloitte, as Business Analyst in IT sphere. When I am 30 years old, I dream and plan to run my own company.”
“Wow! That’s so great that you have a definite plan.”
“How about your plans?”
“Me? Ehmmm…”
Then there was a meaningful pause for several seconds. I felt her facial expression changed. She lowered her head, as if pondering about something.
“What?” I said as if being surprised.
“I will tell you later. Not now,” she responded looking up at me.
She sighs.
“Is it so complicated?”
“Well, yes. Kind of.”

More than a week passed after that conversation. Since then, I have seen her several times from a distance in the campus. Whenever I see her, she is always alone. I have never seen her talking to anyone. Now I am getting curious: what is it that makes the life of a blue-eyed young blonde so “complicated”?

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