I’m so stupid, professor, please forgive me

The lecture room was half-full with students. I was sitting as usual in the second row, next to my Ukrainian friend.

“Excuse me, can I ask?” I said, raising my hand in the middle of the lecture. Before this I had already asked two other questions.
“You want to ask again what Alpha is?” he said, mocking at me. His sarcasm was a success indeed. The class gave a sound of a laughter and you could tell from the lecturer’s smiling face that he was quite satisfied by his joke. It felt like everybody in the lecture hall had a great moment. Except me. I felt stupid.

In fact, the lecturer was really knowledgeable. He talked slowly, articulating each word clearly, making sure that everybody follows him. His voice was moderate – not very loud and not very low – which shows that he felt quite confident. The teacher is perfect, except this one thing, which compelled me to hate him today.

What do you usually do when you don’t understand something at lecture? I started appreciating my teachers at my previous uni [I studied at London school, which has a campus in Tashkent, Uzbekistan]. There, one day when I raised my hand and said “Sorry for a stupid question”, my programming teacher immediately interrupted me and said: “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” Since then I’ve sincerely believed that no question is dumb. Perhaps that’s why it’s become a part of my personality: when I don’t understand something I don’t hesitate to ASK.

Anyway… After the class had stopped laughing and the teacher had told me “what Alpha is”, I lost all the interest in studying that subject. Until the end of the lecture, it felt like a shaytan was sitting on my left shoulder and whispering into my ear: “Abdu, f**k this subject! Why in the world does a programmer need Statistics? Go out, have a walk, listen to Ed Sheeran, and forget about this teacher, who looks like a bad version of Jason Statham.” Filthy thoughts were boiling in my head.

My shaytan stopped only when the lecture finished. My ego was a little bit woken up, but I’m good. I’m good now. After all, I have a test on Statistics next Monday and I should prepare for it properly. I naively hope that after I pass this subject, I will never have to deal with such teachers again.

Oh, before I forget, can anybody recommend me a good movie with Jason Statham to watch this weekend?

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