The girl I used to like

I fell in love with her at first sight. It happened at one of the Erasmus events last year. She had dark-brown glasses, which perfectly matched her long and thin face. The glasses made her look maturely elegant.

When I got acquainted with her, I asked “Do you use facebook?”. She kindly gave her facebook name to me. When I opened her profile, on the cover photo she was standing hand-in-hand with a handsome tall guy. So I thought: “she has a life-partner”.

Since then I totally removed her from my head. I forced myself to forget her. But one day…

One day I was standing at a bus stop, waiting for bus number 107, listening to a podcast about “creative business” in my headphones. Somebody came up to me from the back, and gave me a pleasant touch on my elbow with her soft hand. I turned around. It was her. It was she and her elegant round glasses.

“Hi!” she said, smiling.
“Hello!” I responded [I didn’t expect her to approach me that way]. “How are you doing?”
“Pretty well, thanks,” she smiled.

As we were waiting for our bus to arrive, we went on chatting. It would be awkward to stand there in silence.

“I had an exam today,” I started talking about general things to be polite, and kept ‘distance’ between us. “The exam wasn’t that hard, but I didn’t prepare for it properly. How are your classes going?”

She was looking at me with unnaturally wide-opened eyes and her head was bent down a little — the way a little child looks at you when she wants to get a lollipop, you know what I mean?

Then she suddenly said with a quiet and seductive voice “You are so tall…”, looking up at me.
I thought, “what’s going on right now?”.

In my country it is inappropriate to make “nice and seductive” compliments to opposite gender [especially if you already have a boyfriend or girlfriend]. So I felt a little weird and, as though I didn’t hear anything, I went on with my boring “talk” about university lessons.

When the bus arrived and we were about to get on it, she [all of a sudden] whispered “I’m so cold…” and grabbed my hand!

I flinched. But pretended that I didn’t [because cool guys don’t flinch when girls touch them, right?]. Instead, I took this move of hers as a joke and slowly pulled my hand away, smiling.

Later that day, I thought that I had to talk about this with somebody.

I ran across a person on the street in the evening, who happened to be my friend and luckily that girl’s friend too [a mutual friend, in other words], I told her “I need your advice.”

“Yeah, sure, what happened?” she said.
“Take a look,” I said, showing on my phone some of the text messages that the girl with glasses had written to me earlier that day.
“Did she write these to you?” she asked.
“Yes, she did. Maybe I don’t understand the Western lifestyle, maybe I don’t understand women in general, but…”
“What exactly do you not understand?”
“Did she break with her boyfriend?” I asked.
“No. She is still living with him.”
“Abdu, you are so naive… You don’t get the hints.” she made a pause for a couple of seconds and then said, “She knows that you like her.”
“Does she?”
“She wants to date with you. Don’t you get it? She wants to experience something different. Because you are a complete opposite of her current boyfriend: he is harsh and you are a soft person.”
“Wait… She wants to have two boyfriends at the same time?”
She shrugged.

After all of this happened to me, I came back to my room. Lay onto my bed, without taking off my shoes. I looked at the white ceiling of my small dormitory room, and visualized the girl with glasses in my imagination. Her smiling face was flying above me. I looked into her charming blue eyes and told her in my mother tongue: “Sandaka xotindan Xudoni o’zi asrasin.” [“Let God protect me from such wife as you.”]

That is one of those moments when I feel proud to be Uzbek. Even though some Uzbek girls wear impossibly revealing outfit, use filthy words in their speeches, and smoke, they [at least educated ones] always stay loyal to their life-partners. Disloyalty is kind of unacceptable in my community.

Let’s say, hypothetically, I’ll start dating that beautiful girl. We will date for a long time [whatever “long” means to you]. What, she might want a “change” when she is bored with me? Then she’ll want to “experience something different” [not-so-soft boyfriend, for example]? Then she will find a not-so-harsh-not-so-soft boyfriend, without even letting me know about that? Is it the potential risks that I need to take? I have to say: this is kind of terrible and it’s not how it works. I have a different understanding of a serious relationship.

That being said, I am grateful to life that it has shown to me people with such mentality [so that I am careful the next time]. I pray to God to protect me from a disloyal girlfriend [especially from girlfriends with dark-brown glasses].

Always stay loyal to your life-partners!

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