How I met a Harvard graduate

I was sitting on the fourth row of a lecture hall in the University of Economics. Dan Moore stepped up onto the stage. He was wearing a formal black suit and a green tie. He had round black glasses [similar to mine]. His grey beard was so perfectly trimmed that I almost said: “one day I will grow the same style beard.”
When he made a pause during his speech, I accidentally heard one of the girls sitting in the third row whisper “This guy studied at Harvard”, pointing with her eyes at Mr Moore.
He told us how he used to work as a dish-washer during his student life and now, because he worked hard for so many years, he has become the president of the big company [called Southwestern Advantage].
“Imagine you have lots and lots of money,” Dan Moore said facing the audience of students. “Did you imagine that? Now, I want you to take a piece of paper and write down what you would do for the rest of your life.”
If money wouldn’t matter, what would you do for the rest of your life?
When I asked Taia how she had responded to that question she said: “I would travel around the world.” Andrei, on the other hand, said that he would spend his life on “re-educating men and women about their role in this life.” [how interesting, I thought]
How did I respond to that question? [I’m glad you’ve asked 😀 ]
I would fulfil my biggest dream: founding a media company.
Just imagine… Our office is located next to a beautiful beach in San Fransisco, California, with a view on the Ocean. My team consists of bloggers and video producers.
What does the company produce?
3 types of products:
  1. Video content
  2. Podcast shows
  3. Blogposts
Who is our target audience?
Progressive society of the world [perhaps 10% of the world population].
What is the purpose of the company?
To change the way people think about certain things happening around us in our daily lives.
How are we going to generate income?
I don’t know [but I should figure it out].
Lately I started to think: perhaps my dream is “doable” and that it is just a matter of time and a little effort?
I’m 21 years old now. Can I reach my dream until I’m 30? Maybe until 40? Come on, I should be able to found that company at least until I’m 50 years old [30 years is pretty long time].
But wait a second… [scary thought crossed my mind] what if I don’t live up to 50 years old? [after all, nobody knows when death knocks on your door]. What if…
What if in several years, when I will be shopping for my family in a Christmas market, some terrorist will crash me with his truck. And I will die. Right there. At the age of 25. In the middle of the Christmas market. Does that mean that I spent my life on a stupid dream that didn’t yield any benefit either for me or for people? Was everything in vain?
Let me think… Well, at least I will DIE WITH A DREAM. Isn’t the dream worth it?
Anyway… Here is my takeaway from Mr Dan Moore’s workshop:
History proves us that dreams tend to come true. Make sure you have a dream. Make sure it is so big that you are even ready to spend your entire life on it. “And one day,” as Mr Moore would put it. “you will become the president of a big company.”

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