My Roommate or 2 Reasons Why He Is Amazing

I was sleeping. Somebody opened the front door with a key and entered the room. It was my roommate.

“Is it you?” I said, with a sleepy voice, hardly conscious of what was happening.
“Yes, Abu, it’s me,” my roommate said with an enthusiastic voice [he always tries to be enthusiastic when greeting people]. He took off his shoes.

I put my hand onto the desk [which was right next to my bed] and took my phone. When I pressed its button, it showed “02:45 AM”.

After several seconds I fell asleep.

When at 06:00 AM the alarm clock of my roommate went off, I woke up again.

“Are you leaving?” I asked when I saw from the corner of my eye that he was dressing up, as if preparing for an important meeting.
“Yes,” he said, smiling. “I have a meeting at 07:00 AM. Sorry if I woke you up.”
“Bro, you just came back home. You hardly slept 3 hours,” I said.

My roommate said nothing and just smiled.
After several moments of silence I said, mumbling: “You are like a robot.”

He merely laughed at my words. Put his shoes on. Combed his hair. Perfumed his neck and wrists. Opened the door. Wished me “a nice day”. And left for his meeting.

His father runs a pretty good firm back in Uzbekistan [I mean, they got money]. Yet my roommate works at two jobs and says that he is old enough to sustain himself and he “is not taking money from home.” You kind of have to admire his personality.

Sleeping 3 hours and working two shifts per day? I could never do that. I’m so grateful to Europe Union that it gave me a full-scholarship grant to study Bachelors. Without this grant, I would probably die. I don’t have the hard-working personality that my roommate has.

Here are two reasons why I admire my roommate:
1. He is one of the most hard-working people I’ve ever known.
2. He is passionate about his job. Sometimes in the mornings he jumps out of his bed, saying “Я люблю свою жизнь!” [“I love my life!”]

[Sometimes I really think that I am living with a robot].

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