Bookman or How I Sold My First Book This Year

“According to Eckhart Tolle,” I continued. “90% of the world population suffer from this disease. We have constant dialogues in our heads. We think without stopping about the events that happened in the PAST, and then we think about imaginary situations in the FUTURE. And those thoughts kind of take over our lives…”

I made a pause for a couple of moments and then asked my audience, “Have you ever found yourself in that situation?”

We were drinking coffee at a table in a cafe. There were 4 of us there: the old man [from Somalia], my friend [from Ethiopia], another friend of mine [from Kazakhstan], and me [from… you know where from].

The old man and the Ethiopian dude got so excited that they SIMULTANEOUSLY said: “Yes! It happens all the time.”

“How do you feel about that?” I asked.
“Bad, very bad.” the old man frowned. “One philosopher said that the life is only three days: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And the most important day is today. We should always try to live now… to be present. But it’s so hard to do.”

“That’s exactly what this book is about!” I said, smiling and looking into his eyes.

He kept silence for two seconds and then said:
“How is the book called?”
“It’s called The Power of Now. I actually have it with me. I can show you.”

I took a small blue book out of my bag and presented it to the people sitting around the table.

“The power of now?” the Ethiopian exclaimed with a voice that was as if conveying the message: “What a weird title!”

The old man took the book into his hands [while I was still talking about the content of it], opened the book, quickly looked through the text, then closed the book, and once again took a closer look at the nice blue cover of the book. Then he asked, without raising his eyes:

“Where can I get this book?”
“I ordered it from Amazon Germany,” I responded.
“Can you order it for me?”
“Sure I can.”

It is such a great feeling when you feel that you contribute to the personal development of somebody. That man will read the book. He will become smarter. Based on his knowledge he will do a couple of good deeds in his life. And you know what? I am the one who initiated those good deeds in the first place. It is amazing to feel that somebody starts reading a book BECAUSE OF YOU.

Read books more often. Talk about those books. Discuss them with your people whenever you have a chance to do so. Because eventually, you will feel that you are making impact.

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