America Or Europe?

“Are you sure you wanna go back to Czech Republic?,” my manager asked me [at my second job]. He was driving me home in his black Nissan Altima after work.

“Well… yes… Why?” I said.

“How about if you stay with us in Nashville for the next 3 years? We’ll fix your Visa. It’s not a problem.”

I said nothing and kept looking at him with confused eyes.

“I mean,” he continued. “How much are you making per week right now?”

“C’mon, man. You know how much I make a week: a thousand dollars.”

“And how old are you?”


“That’s what I am talking about, buddy,” he said with a serious face. “Listen to me… When I first came to America 3 years ago, I had nothing except 600 dollars in my pocket. For three years I worked my ass off.”

Then he took his right hand off the steering wheel, made music in his car a bit quieter and said: “Do you know what I achieved during these three years? I got a car, financially supported my family back in Tashkent, built a nice house in Uzbekistan [that’s a huge one, I thought], and soon I am getting married.”

He made a pause for several moments [silence] and then said: “This year I am turning 30. Imagine you can do all of this before you are 24! I mean it’s up to you. I am just giving a piece of advice.”

In a way, he offers me a job contract for 3 years.

I phoned my best friend to ask for his advice. He said something close to this: “If you can make such money without a degree, think about how much you can make AFTER you get a proper education.”

Of course this is a pretty good job offer, which I don’t get very often.

However, I want to become a writer. Not a restaurant manager.

I am going back to Czech Republic next month.

But before that, I want to save some money for my studies and for my mom.

I want to take her to Paris. I remember when I was 13, she said: “Nima deb o’ylaysan, biz ham ‘Eyfel’ ni ko’rarmikinmiz? [What do you think, am I going to see the Eiffel tower one day?]”.

Looks like, now it’s the right time for me to make her dreams come true.

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