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“I’m kinda… little bit… afraid of living in another country,” I said, talking to a man, who was a leader of an engineering team at Ucell [big communications company in Uzbekistan]. “I’ve never lived abroad. I don’t know how it feels like, and how I should think, act, or work there.”
“Do not make a big deal out of it,” he gave a big laugh at me. “Let me tell you how it’s gonna happen. You enter the airport in Tashkent. A few hours will pass. You will go out from the airport in Frankfurt. And baaam! You are in Europe.”
He was mocking at me. However, he was right: it’s really not a big deal to move to another country.
This year was the craziest for me. Never in my life I have traveled so many countries within ONE YEAR [I love traveling, I wish my full-time job was just to travel and blog].
My conlusion from all of this experience is as follows.
When you go out of the airport in a foreign country, almost everything stays the same as it was in your own country. Your clothes. Your hairstyle. Your way of thinking [at least first days]. All of your knowledge you have collected that far. Even the way you smell stays the same [haha].
It is only after 3-4 weeks you will notice a gradual change. Change in your style. Change in mindset. Change in HABITS [this is my favourite]. Change in how you look at the simple things. Sometimes you will say to yourself “Maaan, I’m walking in the streets of Frankfurt right now! Frankfurt! Yaaaay!”
Do you want to live in another country? What keeps you from not doing so?
When I asked one of my American pals, who was longing for going back to the States, “Why are you living in Czech Republic, not in the States?”, he replied rather succinctly: “My girlfriend is Czech.”
Family is probably a legit reason for NOT doing what you want to do [not always, though]. Maybe, VISA issue is another hurdle for staying in one place.
Other than that, as one of the vloggers I follow on Youtube once put it “Nowadays there is no excuse for not doing what you want to do.”
Perhaps, that’s how you become a citizen of the world.
It’s interesting, because such people as Albert Einstein [physics genius] and Pavel Durov [technology genius] consider themselves as citizens of the world. Very interesting.

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