It was around 11:50AM, Friday, Frankfurt. I was walking towards a local mosque.
My phone rang: a call from London, the UK [Usually I don’t get calls from England. In fact, I NEVER get them].
“Hallo?,” I said, getting excited. I was actually waiting for that call for a long time.
“Hi, Abdullah, is it comfortable for you to talk right now?,” he asked.
“Yeah, sure,” I responded. “How are you doing, Sir?”
A couple of months ago, I sent my documents to a British consulting firm that assists students get admission to British universities [they got my CV, university GPA, and other papers].
“I am doing great. How about yourself?” the consultant said.
“I’m calling regarding your application to Cambridge,” he finally confessed.
“Aha?,” my absolute focus was on what he was going to say next.
“Looking at your papers and all the things you’ve achieved, we can say that you have very good chances.”
[wow, I thought]
He kept going: “You’re highly likely to get admission to these 3 universities: Cambridge, Oxford, and London School of Economics.”
My brain stopped working for several moments when I heard him saying “Oxford and Cambridge.” I didn’t know what to say.
Eventually I said: “What should I do for that?”
[Later, I realized this wasn’t what he wanted me to say. Instead, I should’ve said something like “woow, cool, thank you!”]
“Well, just keep doing what you are doing,” he said as if responding to a dumb question. “Remind me, how much time left until your graduation?”
“1.5 years,” I replied.
“Good. Pretty good. As I said, just keed going. I’m 100% sure that you’ll get admitted to those three: Cambridge, Oxford, LSE. And I have to say, LSE is the best one in your field.”
“Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.”
After we thanked each other and finished the call [we talked for more than 30 minutes, I almost missed my Friday prayer], different thoughts started coming into my head.
I thought he exegerrated. How can he be so sure that I will get to Cambridge and Oxford?
“Probably he tried to sound SO SURE just to MOTIVATE me,” I thought.
Maybe he didn’t tell me the whole truth. But you know what? If he just wanted to motivate me, he freaking managed it. Because right now I am motivated like hell.
I have decided to take GMAT one more time in May 2018.
I’m investing $4000 into my Cambridge preparations right now.
I’ve always done what my mentors told me to do. This time is gonna be no different. I am gonna do what my mentor told me: Keep going. Just keep going.
Let’s it do it, baby.

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