My Name Is Abdullah

After praying Asr, I was sitting down in the corner of the mosque.

I took my iPad out of my little bag, opened Evernote, and started writing my thoughts down in a diary.

I was writing about all the things happening to me in Germany at that time: about my studies in Düsseldorf; what a big city Frankfurt was; how the USA was different from Germany; whether I want to live with my family in America or Europe; about the wonderful girl I met in Amsterdam.

After 10 minutes, when I was still sitting [with my legs butterfly-shaped] and journaling my thoughts at the corner of the masjid, somebody called me by my name: “Hey, Abdullah!”

“Who is calling me by my name?,” I thought. “I know nobody here.”

When I raised my eyes, I saw a guy aged 24-25, looking at me [there were several other guys around him].

“Have you prayed Asr yet?,” he asked me politely [in German].

“Yes, I already did, brother. Why?,” I answered, still wondering how he knew my name.

“Achso..” he smiled. “Don’t get me wrong, brother. We just thought, maybe we could pray together…”

I smiled back at him and said: “No problem, akhi. Barakallohu feek!”

They gathered, stood up, and started praying. I was sitting behind them with my iPad on my knees, writing…

I spend a lot of time in mosques studying, reading something, writing and bloggging [sometimes even sleeping].

For some reason, when I am in a mosque I feel “at home”. At home… Maybe that’s because it reminds me of the sweet times when my dad used to take me to masjid in Tashkent, when I was 5-6 years old.

While I was sitting, I was still wondering “how on Earth did he know my name?”

Suddenly I got it! I got it! Do you know the meaning of my name?

“Abdullah” means “the servant of God”.

In Islam, every muslim is the “servant of God”. In Koran, Allah says “I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship me.” [Surah 51, Ayah 56].

In other words, if you are a muslim, then you can call yourself “Abdullah”.

So, any muslim is Abdullah. Not just me.

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