Husband Who Sleeps With Other Women

“Do you love your husband?”

“No, I don’t.” she said with pain in her chest. “But he is the father of my children.”

Two sons and a daughter [I saw them. They’re simply angels].

“I live with him only because my kids call him ‘dad’,” she repeated, with such a lowering voice as if she was losing it.

They got married 5 years ago. At first, everything was beautiful. They both felt like they were at the peak of happiness.

After one year of marriage, however, the loving husband got bored [bored of the marriage life]. He missed his old bachelor times. He was rich back then too and could afford to change girlfriends every week [which he actually did].

The wife says that one day she “installed a recording tape into her husband’s phone”, so she could know everything: who he is speaking to, what they are talking about, how he treats other ladies… She quickly found out that he was sleeping with other women, cheating on her.

One day she even spotted her husband and his girlfriend, when the couple was walking in the park.

Seeing his wife, he panicked.

The mother of three started yelling at them from a distance, walking closer. When she came close enough to that lady, she punched her in the face, while yelling angrily at her husband.

4 years past after that story. She still lives with her husband under one roof, in one house. Her little daughter is already 3 years old.

He never apologized. He said “you never spotted us lying in a bed together. We were just talking. We are just friends,” he said [yeah… friends “with benefits”].

That father had brothers. One of them [apparently, who was single] once asked him: “Why do you sleep with other women when you have a WIFE at home?”

He answered [with another question], unfairly to his wife: “Would you eat the same food every single day? Can you imagine eating ONE SAME FOOD EVERY FREAKING DAY? Sometimes you want to try bananas instead of apples.” [did you get this?]

Today, the wife confesses: “I know what my husband is doing. But I can do nothing about it.” she finally burst into tears. “This is my fate,” she said to herself. “I have to live with this.”

For the sake of those angels, she sacrificed her life. She kept on living with her husband, washing his clothes, ironing his suit every morning, cooking for him, cleaning the house, not sleeping nights taking care of the kids.

Because he was the father of her children. She kept living with him. Till the end.

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