Deloitte Lessons

“Do you mind a photo of this meeting?” I asked my business coach at Deloitte, when the meeting was over. “It’s for my blog,” I added seeing she was not quite sure about that.

“Oh, I look terrible right now…” she said.

“Come on, Mrs Edwards,” I responded. “You look awesome!”

This way I “convinced” her to make a picture of us, sitting at a table, drinking tea, and talking.

When I won the start-up contest last year, becoming one of the best 6 start-ups in the Czech Republic, as a prize they gave me a private business coach from Deloitte.

When we first met, one of the first things that Mrs Edwards asked me was “What do you expect from our coaching sessions?”

I had already prepared the answer to that question before coming to the meeting: “I want to MONETIZE my blog.” [later, I changed my mind and decided NOT to make money out of it. I want my blog to be FREE, because it is more fun that way 😉].

My friends keep asking me, “What did you learn this time?” They think that Deloitte tells me “secrets of business world”, giving me “tricks” that will make millions of dollars fall from the sky into my pocket.

As a matter of fact, nowadays there is NO SECRET whatsoever. Any information is available on the internet [think: how incredible is the time we are living in].

Most of the time during the meetings, we talk about “dreams”, “long-term goals”, “spirituality”, “having a passion” [sometimes we even talk about my family issues]. I’d say, she is more of a PSYCHOLOGIST who helps “fix my brain”, rather than a business coach. [perhaps, nowadays this is the same thing.]

My coach simply helps me become “a good person”. She helps me develop my personality [which you cannot download from the internet].

Thank you, Mrs Edwards! 😉

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