Little daughter

“I am getting married, bro 🙂,” my schoolmate messaged me from Uzbekistan like 2 years ago. I was studying in the Czech Republic.

“Congrats, my friend!” I messaged him back. I was honestly happy for him with all my heart.

Last week he messaged me on Instagram: “Qizlik bo`ldim o`rto.” [“My daughter was born, man.”]

His daughter [!!!] was born last week.

With this friend of mine we spent 5 years, sitting at one desk at school [a middle-school]. We are at the same age. And he is saying that he is now a FATHER.

“Bro…,” I messaged him. “I am so happy for you. Let her have a long life!”

I always thought that we would be together whole life [I mean, with this friend of mine]. That we would marry in the same year. That our kids would be of the same age. That our kids would go to the same school [as we did].

I was so young and naive.

If somebody of my age, who sat at the same desk with me at school, got married and already got a child [A CHILD! I still can`t get used to that], then does that mean that I should “hurry up”?

Am I legging behind? Is it time for me to be more WORRIED about building a family and things like that?


I had those thoughts for several moments.

But… I remember somebody told me… [I know it`s gonna be funny now… but, anyway]

Barack Obama became a President when he was 47 years old.

Donald Trump — when he reached 70.

Does that mean that Mr Obama did better than Mr Trump? That Obama is smarter, luckier, more hard-working than Trump?

“Age means nothing. It is just a number.”

To reach success, some people take it longer than others.

I came to learn that every person has a different destiny. Everybody has his own way.

So… I guess, I am doing just fine. Time will come and I will be a FATHER too 😉

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