I Like Psychology [more than IT]

“My name is Daniel Balcha… ,” our Psychology teacher introduced himself today. It’s the first lecture at this semester.

The lecture hall was full of students. Some of them couldn’t even find a place to sit down, so they had to STAND the whole lecture.

I was sitting in the very first row.

“Who can define ‘Psychology’?” Mr Balcha asked the audience, with an African accent [his English was perfect].

A few students raised their hands to answer the question.

“Yes, please” the lecturer pointed at one of the students.

“It’s a study of human bahavior…”

Usually during my standard IT lectures, I barely keep myself awake.

But this time… Throughout the whole lecture [almost 2 hours], I was so focused at the lecturer that even I felt weird.

Why this happened to me? I have 2 possible explanations:

1. Either because I was sitting on the first row and had no other option but to sit straight.

2. Or because I am naurally more interested in Psychology rather than in IT.

And something is telling me that the second reason is the case here [because I always sit at the first rows at lectures, and still fall asleep at IT classes].

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