Pretty Ukrainians

I woke up. Took my phone. Opened facebook. The first notification: “Football is cancelled”. ‘Great…’ I thought.

I look forward to Saturday the WHOLE WEEK and then I see this…

I lied in my bed the whole day [getting up only for prayers], chatting on the phone with my brother in Turkey.

Thank God I had an Arabic class in the evening so I was forced to go out.

“His wife is from Ukraine…,” my tutor routinely said in the middle of the conversation, when we were chatting over a cup of tea.

“Have you noticed that actually a lot of [Arab] brothers are married to Ukrainians?”

“Hm… Really?” he replied.

“Well, yeah,” I hinted [in my head] at a few brothers from Jordan, Emirates, Saudi Arabia. “I even know an Uzbek brother, who is married to a Ukrainian sister.”

“That`s true,” he carelessly agreed [with my “incredible” observation], texting something on his phone at the same time.

I mean, for real… I know so many Arabs who are crazy about East-European girls.

“I am wondering why… Why Ukrainian women?”, I muttered.

After thinking for a few moments, he simply said: “They are pretty.” [He smiled at me].

“That`s true,” I agreed.


I believe getting married just because of the ‘physical beauty’ of your spouse is the worst mistake you can ever make in your life.

Beautiful women are like DELICIOUS FOOD:

If you eat it EVERY DAY, after a while it will taste like any other ‘normal’ food [you know what I mean?].

Maybe that`s why our Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Choose your wife based on her FAITH.”

In many ways, ‘Faith’ means — ‘character’.

So, mathematically speaking [and this is just my own humble opinion]…

Character > Beauty.

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