American Embassy or How I Got Visa To The United States

“Do you have anything electronic in your bag?” the security officer asked me.

The appointment was at 9:15. I arrived at 8:45.

“Yes,” I replied to the guard, pulling out my computer, headphones, and a charger out of my bag.

It was good that I came early, because there was a queue outside. When my turn came to enter the embassy, it was almost 9:15.

“Put them into this box,” the officer ordered.

He checked me [from head to toe].

“Please go left and then upstairs,” he showed me directions to consulate part of the 3-storey embassy building.

I took a ‘number’ from the machine [I don`t know what it is called] that gives out numbers to people in the waiting room, to organize a queue.

My turn came after some 10-15 minutes. The consulate officer called me to “window #6”.

“Hiii,” she said with a a nice American smile on her face.

“Hi,” I responded with an UZBEK smile [on my Pakistani face].

“What is the purpose of your visit to the United States?” the officer asked me.

“To visit a few universities,” I said looking straight into her eyes.

“Aha…,” she said as if waiting for me to continue.

“I am thinking of visiting Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee,” I carried on. “I was there last year.”

“Oh, my sister lives in Nashville,” she interrupted. “It is a nice town.”

“It is a beautiful city,” I agreed.

“Do you want to continue your studies in the US?”

“Yes. I am thinking of doing my Masters there,” I answered.

She nodded her head twice. Looked at her computer. Then without moving her eyes off the screen, she ‘robottically’ said; “Your visa has been approved. You can pick it up in 3-4 business days.”

I have picked up my passport. They gave me a visa to America for 1 year.

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