Maybe I Will Stay In The Czech Republic

I am writing the last pages of my Bachelor thesis in Starbucks.

A group of students are sitting  in front me. “This is the most stressful exam, believe me,” said one of them [they are like 10 people].

“There is too much information to learn, and too little time to study,” the guy explained to the rest of the group.

“Man, you have to concentrate,” I tell myself.

The deadline to submit the thesis is near — 17 days left.

So, I talk to myself [that`s how I concentrate]. I got focused. Looked at the screen of my Mac. And carried on doing research for my thesis.

After a while, I heard one of the girls saying “If there are no questions, we are good to go. Let`s keep this meeting short.”

Then, a guy said something and all of them laughed. They all stood up and left, leaving behind white Starbucks cups with their names on them.

I thought: “If I continue doing Masters at one of the British universities in Prague, I will be one of these students next year.”

Around that area, there are 2 British schools. And these students studied there [for sure].

Their English was perfect. They all looked cool. They were active, passionate, eager to study.

I wanted to be one of them: “Do I really need to go to America to study? I could get a good Management education being in Prague.”

There is one British-American school in Prague, called “University of New York”.

They have a 1-year Masters program in ‘International Management’ for $12,000. After completion, I would get a degree from England [meaning, I would get the same degree if I studied in the UK].

This is not a bad deal at all. The same kind of degree would cost me at least 3 times more expensive if I studied in America or the UK.

After submitting my Bachelor thesis, I should sit down and put down all the pros and cons of moving to the US.

Maybe I should stay in the Czech Republic, after all.

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