Change of Plans or When Your Mom Says You`re an Idiot

“What`s new?” my mom asked me.

“Nothing much…” I said. “My arabic class finished just now… Oh, by the way, I am submitting my Bachelor thesis. Soon I am gonna become a COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEER.”

We were talking on the phone.

“Molodets…,” she said [which means “good job” in Russian].

“But I don`t want to stop studying. I really don`t… I want to continue learning.”

“That`s good. I am not telling you to stop studies.”

“You are not?” I said, teasing her [I already kinda knew that she wanted me to do Masters].

“Of course I am not. I told you that already.”

“There`s this cool British school I am thinking about.” I muttered. “Maybe I should do my Masters there.”

“How much would it cost?”

After telling her how much it would cost to study in the UK, and some of the advantages of studying in the Czech Republic, I started talking about all the stupid stuff that was going on in my head [it can be pretty messy there sometimes].

When I told her about opportunities in the UK, Germany, and Saudi Arabia [yes, you read it right – Saudi Arabia], she was like:

“But how about America? I thought you wanted to study in the US?”

I kept silence for a moment, because she sounded annoyed and clearly didn`t want me to answer her rhetoric question.

“You are changing your plans so quickly: yesterday you wanted one thing, today you want another thing, and tomorrow you want something totally different. YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS!” she kind of scolded me.

“Mom,” I said trying to calm her down. “I was not talking about my PLANS. I am just sharing my THOUGHTS with you… just thoughts.”

After I said that, she seemed to calm down.

But when I said goodbye and clicked the red button, I started thinking: WHAT`S WRONG WITH CHANGING PLANS ANYWAY?

I think, it is totally okay to change plans. Because I read everyday. I learn new things. I find new opportunities. Then I USE those opportunities. That`s why sometimes I change my plans  – so it is actually a GOOD thing, isn`t it?

UNTIL I AM 30 I want to experience as many things as possible.

Besides, I am only 23 years old: I am just not capable of being serious about my life right now.

What else would you expect from a kid like me? 🙂

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